How Long Does a Vizio TV Last? (It’s Longer than you Think) [2023]

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In recent years, Vizio has emerged as one of the most well-known brands of televisions available at an attractive price point.

Vizio TVs are notorious for being reliable while having inexpensive pricing and providing high-end features.

The real question on most people’s minds is “How long does a Vizio TV last?”

So, in this post we will dive into everything related to the longevity of Vizio smart TVs.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Vizio TV?

Vizio TVs are known to last as long as more expensive models. Your Vizio TV should last 7-10 years when it is switched off for a few hours a day. If you leave your Vizio TV on all day, you may expect to lose two years of its life expectancy.

How Long Does a Vizio TV Last

Do Vizio TVs Last Longer than Other Brands?

How long a TV lasts is mostly determined by how it is used, how it was shipped, and how well it was manufactured.

Vizio TVs are no exception.

Nowadays, TVs are expected to last anywhere from seven to ten years, but like with any brand, you may get a lemon or a unit that seems to live forever. 

After six or seven years of use, even if you limit yourself to eight hours of TV a day and keep the LEDs in good condition, your TV may begin to falter.

What’s the First Thing that Breaks on Vizio TVs?

It is common knowledge that the backlight is the most fragile component of any TV, including those manufactured by Vizio.

The majority of the backlighting of Vizio’s screens is accomplished by LEDs. Due to the fact that they can become hot while in operation, backlights are typically the first components to fail.

Whenever the brightness is turned up to its maximum, the backlights are put in a more precarious position, which speeds up the rate at which they burn out.

Because of this, you should adjust the brightness settings on your television to the appropriate levels…just sufficient enough to be clear and eliminate any glare or reflection, but not so high that you are unnecessarily shortening the life of your backlights.

What Kind of Warranty Comes with a Vizio TV?

Every Vizio television comes with either a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer for use in a residential setting or a 90-day warranty period for use in a business setting.

Vizio’s warranty policy requires the merchant to address any problem caused by defective materials or craftsmanship free of charge in order to comply with the terms of the policy.

If your product is still covered under the original warranty and you have the receipt from when you bought it, you can submit a claim to have your TV repaired or replaced at no cost to you.

Even though your Vizio TV is a dependable and cutting-edge piece of equipment, it is still possible for surges and other unforeseen problems to develop that a simple reset of the television won’t fix.

So, purchasing an extended warranty is the one way to protect your financial investment.

There are also some easy things that you can do on your own to extend the life, and that is what we are going to go over in the following section of this article.

How to Increase the Longevity of a Vizio TV?

You have recently invested in a brand spanking new Vizio Smart television.

Because of how much it set you back, you want to ensure that it serves you well for the longest time feasible.

TVs, like anything else, get worse with age; nevertheless, there are things you can do to make your new purchase last for a longer period of time.

1. Switch off when not in use

You shouldn’t make it a routine to leave the TV on while you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time because having the TV on while it’s not being used merely accelerates the process of deterioration.

2. Lower the brightness

It is a common misconception that increasing the brightness of an image would improve its quality, however this is not the case.

Brightness settings that are very high will accelerate the procedure of your TV’s screen becoming less clear.

You should just adjust the brightness till it is sufficiently high to get rid of any glare or reflection that are on the screen.

Try to make the most of any brightness presets that are available to you so that you can get the lighting just perfect for your space.

3. Provide plenty of space

In order to “breathe,” televisions require adequate ventilation and space.

If you want it to be able to breathe, you should leave it with at least two inches of space behind it and at least four inches of space on each side.

Those who use cabinet consoles should have sufficient space for air circulation in the area around the consoles. Fans that circulate cool air are another option for enhancing breathability.

4. Setup in a cool and dark environment

When exposed to potentially damaging factors like the sun or rain, the fragile components that make up a television will fail and need to be replaced.

Keep your television as far away from windows as you possibly can.

The sun’s rays can cause harm to the screen, and if you have a routine of leaving your windows open, an unexpected downpour might be disastrous for your device.

You must also position your television at a safe distance from heaters and other home appliances that give off heat.

5. Clean your TV regularly

Even while it might not appear dangerous, dust can actually cause damage to your TV.

When it covers essential components, like the backlight, it might impede airflow and lead to an increase in temperature.

Wipe the television with a dry microfiber towel and do it carefully. You want to bring more focus to the screen without placing any extra stress.

Avoid using any cleaning chemicals at all costs, since doing so could potentially ruin the television.

6. Invest in a quality surge protector

Take this easy step to safeguard the investments you’ve made in your home entertainment system.

Surge protectors are not very expensive, and they make a lot of practical sense. A burst of electric energy can destroy your pricey gadgets in a matter of seconds.

A surge protector not only overcomes this problem, but it also provides you with more outlets. This means that you can plug in more gadgets without being forced to run electrical cables all over the house in a chaotic manner. 

Don’t put your pricey devices in danger by trying to use them without a power supply.

In conclusion…

If they are treated with care, Vizio televisions are excellent high-resolution capable smart televisions that can survive for up to ten years.

With the right care and use, it can compete with brands and models that have been around for longer.

As long as you take care of your Vizio TV and keep it in good shape, it should serve you just as long as the more expensive Smart TV brands on the market.

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