Why is Netflix Not Working on Vizio Smart TV? [2023]

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Many popular streaming apps, such as Netflix, can be installed on Vizio Smart TVs. However, what happens if your Netflix app on your Vizio Smart TV stops working?

Fortunately, there are a number of proven solutions that you can use to fix the issue. In order to get Netflix back up and running, follow the methods in this article.

ℹ Netflix not working on Vizio? Try this quick fix first

If Netflix isn’t working on your Vizio Smart TV, you must reset it. Unplug your television from the wall and wait exactly 60 seconds. Next, reconnect your TV to the power source. This will perform a safe soft reset on your TV, allowing it to start right up and Netflix working without any issues.

The above method will most likely cure the issue, but if it doesn’t don’t worry….because we have compiled a list of alternative ways to fix your Netflix not working on Vizio Smart TV problem.

How to Troubleshoot Netflix Not Working on Vizio Smart TV

Are Netflix Servers Down?

If Netflix is not available on your Vizio Smart TV, make sure the servers are not down.

It’s possible, but it doesn’t happen very often. As an alternative, you can also check your mobile or laptop devices to see whether Netflix is down as well.

Live status updates about Netflix outages are available HERE (via Downdetector).

Following the official Netflix account on Twitter may give you an idea of when the service will be back up and running. 

If the servers are indeed down the only thing you can do is wait for Netflix to fix the problem at their end.

Clear Netflix App Cache

Try deleting the Netflix app’s cache in order to get Netflix operating again.

In case you didn’t know a cache is a collection of data that is saved on your device to speed up certain processes.

It is possible that your Vizio TV’s cache is responsible for a variety of problems, including freezing, app crashes, streaming sluggishness, and audio stuttering.

Your Vizio Smart TV’s apps will accumulate cache files and cookies over time.

Your Vizio TV’s memory will be swamped by these transient files and this could cause Netflix to experience buffering issues.

As a result, you should erase the Netflix app’s cache:

  1. Navigate to the Vizio Smart TV’s Settings Menu by pressing the Settings button on the remote
  2. Select System Apps from the dropdown menu
  3. Every installed program will be displayed
  4. Choose the Netflix app
  5. Clear the cache by clicking the More icon and selecting Clear Cache
  6. To confirm, press the OK button on your device

The Netflix app’s cache files will now be erased and with any luck, you should be able to watch Netflix again.

Check Connection/Reload Netflix App

Check your Netflix connection if clearing the cache hasn’t worked:

  1. Navigate to the Netflix app’s Settings menu
  2. Then, go to a Get Help
  3. Finally, select Check Your Network

Netflix will then perform a quick internet connection test. Run the test to ensure that everything is operating properly.

If your Vizio TV can’t connect to the internet, you probably have a problem with your WiFi router, modem, or ISP.

However, if your internet connection is functioning properly click on Reload Netflix.

This will restart the Netflix app which may fix your problem.

Check Internet Connection (Is it Fast Enough?)

The first thing you should do if you’re having trouble connecting to the internet is to check your internet connection.

Your Wi-Fi or router must be connected to another device, such as a smartphone or laptop, in order to test your internet connection’s speed.

Vizio’s Netflix streaming app requires a minimum download speed of 1 megabit per second (Mbps) for SD, 3 Mbps for HD 720p, 5 Mbps for HD 1080p, and 15 Mbps for 4K/Ultra HD content.

To help you out, we’ve even included an internet connection speed-testing app right here in this article 👇

The speed test will begin when you press the red Start button.

If your connection is weak, you can test to see if the problem is with your networking equipment by performing the following steps:

  1. Your modem and router will need to be restarted by unplugging the power cords from their sockets
  2. Plug your modem and router back into the power source after a minute of waiting
  3. Wait for the blinking lights to come back on before continuing

Alternatively, you may want to move the router closer to your Vizio Smart TV in order to get a stronger WiFi connection.

Do you Have an Older Vizio TV Model?

Netflix stopped working on some older Vizio smart TVs recently after an update.

Netflix stopped working on Vizio smart TVs manufactured prior to 2013 because of technical requirements.

If you’re not sure if your TV is included in this list, you can look it up on the Netflix website.

What should I do next?

If you’re worried about Netflix compatibility with your Vizio TV, you can always use a streaming device like a Chromecast or a Roku instead.

With the help of these streaming devices, you can install Netflix on these devices and stream Netflix on any model Vizio TV.

Update Your Vizio TV’s Software

If the software on your Vizio TV is out-of-of-date, you may encounter a variety of problems like the Netflix app not working and SmartCast error messages.

Checking for and installing new Vizio TV OS updates can often be the solution to your problem.

It’s as simple as checking to see if your TV model has a firmware update available. Sometimes these updates are missed, but they are usually done automatically.

First, turn on your Vizio TV and press the Menu button on the remote. After that, select System from the drop-down menu.

Click on Check for Updates if it appears.

The Vizio TV Firmware Upgrade is now available for download.

Now, your TV will automatically start looking for updates.

If there are any software updates available for installation they will be done automatically by your TV.

Make sure to keep your Vizio TV up-to-date with the latest software by performing regular updates.

How to Factory Reset a Vizio TV

The factory reset option is recommended if either of the two steps above fixes your Vizio TV’s Netflix app problems, but the problem returns at a later date.

If your Vizio TV has an issue with Netflix not working, it could be because of a software error. A factory reset of your television can resolve this issue.

  1. If you have access to a functioning remote control then try this method first (It’s the easiest):
  2. To access the menu, press the Menu button once the TV has been turned on (you may have briefly powered it up by disconnecting it or removing the remote batteries).
  3. Click the System option that should be present in the menu.
  4. Find Reset & Admin and Reset TV to Factory Defaults and then press Reset 

Before performing a factory reset, the TV may request a code from the user. If it does, the default code is 0000, which is four zeros.

If you can’t find your remote or it doesn’t work then try performing a factory reset by using the buttons located on the Vizio TV itself.

  1. Find the Power (which is normally located on the side of the screen) and press it to turn the TV on
  2. Hold down the Volume and Source buttons
  3. A few seconds later, the TV will display a message that says Press and hold the input button for a few seconds
  4. About 10 seconds after pressing the Input button, let go
  5. The TV will immediately reboot and enter factory reset mode. Rebooting and resetting your TV takes a few minutes.

Once the process is finished, your Vizio TV will return to the settings it had when it was purchased.

Still, having issues? It might be time to call in the professionals…

Contact Vizio Customer Support

Contacting customer support may be necessary if none of the above solutions work for fixing your flickering display. 

Vizio customer support is available via text message, internet live chat, and phone.

You can contact customer support at 1(844) 254-8087 if you want to speak with someone directly.

Customer service hours are 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday

On the weekend the hours are 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. CST

You can also try out the Text Support or Live Agent Chat options if you prefer to commicate via typing.

While contacting support may resolve the issue, there may be other problems with your TV that you are unable to resolve on your own.

They can help you by working with you over the phone or by providing instructions on how to send in your TV for repair, if necessary.

Before contacting Vizio, verify that you have a warranty.

When you purchase a TV from Vizo, it comes with a standard one-year warranty.

If you purchased an extended warranty from a retailer like Walmart or Best Buy, verify what the terms and length of that third-party warranty entail.

Other Options (Nothing Has Fixed the Problem)

If you can’t find a solution to Netflix not working on a Vizio Smart TV, and your television is out of the warranty window then you really have two choices:

Purchase a New Vizio TV

If your Vizio TV is out of the warranty window, it may make more sense just to purchase a new television set altogether.

Smart TVs have never been so inexpensive, so you may be able to get a brand new TV that’s larger and has upgraded features for the same price (or less) as repairing your current model.

Repair your Vizio TV

You have the option to send your TV back to Vizio for repair, even if it isn’t covered under the initial warranty.

But a certified repair specialist in your area is most likely the best option.

In order to dismantle something, you must be extremely careful. There are a lot of fragile wire connections and high-powered circuits in the TV that might cause damage (or even electrocution) if you make the wrong move.

This is why we suggest sending your TV back to the factory for repair (even if the warranty has lapsed) or finding a certified TV repair specialist on your own to do the required repairs.

Unless you are highly skilled at electronics repair, we never recommend trying to replace internal parts (like a bad WiFi adapter or power inverter) yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about troubleshooting your Vizio TV that has problems with Netflix operating properly 👇

How do I reset Netflix on my Vizio Smart TV?

Select System >> Reset & Admin >> Reset to Factory Settings from the menu on your remote.

How do you update Netflix on your Vizio TV?

How to update apps on a VIA or VIA Plus TV from Vizio:

  1. Use your remote to press the V or VIA button.
  2. Choose the app you want to update and press the yellow button on your remote
  3. … If you see Update, click it
  4. Select Yes and press OK to confirm your choice
  5. Use your remote to get to the App Store
  6. Choose the app you want to update or reinstall, and then click OK
  7. Choose Install and wait for the process to finish

In Conclusion…

As mentioned previously, Netflix may not be working on your Vizio Smart TV for a variety of reasons.

Here is a summary of the ways to fix your Vizio TV when Netflix isn’t working:

  • Perform a soft reset
  • Check if the Netflix server is down
  • Clear Netflix streaming app cache
  • Check the connection and reload app
  • Perform speed test
  • Is your Vizio TV model too old
  • Update software
  • Factory reset TV
  • Contact Vizio customer support
  • Purchase a new TV or hire a certified repairman to fix the current unit

Let me know if this managed to help you fix your Vizio television. Leave a comment if you have a different tip or method that helped you get the Netflix app to work!

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