Netflix Sharing: How Many Devices Can Watch at Once? [2023]

netflix sharing how many devices can you watch at once

Have you ever wondered if you could share your Netflix account with family or friends to allow them to stream shows and movies too?

It can be confusing with different streaming services having different policies.

Continue reading to find out how many devices you can use with Netflix.

Does Netflix Have a Device Limit?

Netflix has a strict limit of concurrent streams per account, based on which plan you are subscribed to.

Here are the Netflix device limits by plan:

  • Standard with Ads Plan – 2 supported devices
  • Standard Plan – 2 supported devices
  • Premium Plan– 4 supported devices

The device streaming limit applies to concurrent usage, not the total number of devices registered to your account.

For instance, you could watch on your phone while someone else streams simultaneously on your tablet, laptop, and living room TV.

You can register as many total devices as you want to your Netflix account across all your household and personal devices. But only a certain number of those registered devices (based on your plan) can be actively streaming Netflix at the exact same time.

If you share your Netflix login, it is best to work with other members of your household to stay within the device limit.

This stops playback from being disrupted if someone unknowingly tries to stream when there are already the maximum number of devices in use.

Can You Share Netflix Subscription With Family?

Yes, you can share access to your Netflix account with members of your household. You are able to create up to 5 profiles per account on the streaming service.

Here are two ways you could share Netflix access:

  • Send profile invites to family members so they can sign in on their own devices with the profile you create. They would then have access to your subscription from their devices.
  • Register devices for others by signing in with your account credentials on their smart TVs, streaming sticks, phones, etc. They could then access Netflix on those registered devices anytime.

Sharing your subscription with several households appears to be a great strategy to save money by allowing one party to cancel their Netflix membership, but the recent Netflix password-sharing crackdown makes this impossible.

What is the Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown?

In early 2022, Netflix indicated it was going to start limiting password sharing, citing that over 100 million households were using shared accounts, negatively impacting Netflix’s paid membership growth.

As part of the crackdown, Netflix has begun:

  • Setting a “Netflix Household” based on where you watch Netflix and what IP address that device uses.
  • Charging fees for adding subaccounts for non-household members wishing to use a Netflix account.
  • Requiring verification of an account owner’s primary physical location through texts or emails as an additional password-sharing deterrent.

The goal is to restrict Netflix account access to the primary household only.

While Netflix had previously allowed more flexible password sharing, the company now sees this as lost revenue potential.

How Much Does it Cost to Share Your Netflix Account?

If you have the Netflix Standard plan you can add one more person who can use the service outside your family for an additional $7.99 per month.

Anybody who purchases the Netflix Premium package with 4K streaming has the option of adding up to two other subscribers, but each one will still cost an additional $7.99.

Can You Download Netflix Content?

A great way to get the most out of your subscription is to download Netflix movies and shows to watch offline.

Netflix allows subscribers to download content on all plans EXCEPT the ad-supported tier.

Here’s what to know about downloading content from Netflix:

  • Register unlimited mobile devices per Netflix account for offline downloads.
  • Content can only be downloaded using the Netflix mobile apps for iOS and Android. Downloading is not possible on other platforms like Roku or Smart TVs.
  • Netflix permits a limit of 100 pieces of downloaded content on each registered device.
  • Downloaded content you have started watching will be removed within 48 hrs.
  • If downloaded content leaves the Netflix platform it will be removed immediately.
  • Some content can not be downloaded due to studio licensing agreements.

Using downloads strategically by saving shows before trips or commutes can maximize the value of your Netflix subscription!

How Many Netflix Accounts Can You Have?

Each eligible subscriber is only permitted to open one account with Netflix. Using the same login information to open multiple accounts is not permitted.

However, here are some ways you could gain access to more than one Netflix subscription:

  • Each eligible Verizon Wireless customer can claim a free Netflix subscription. If you have family members with Verizon, they could create their own accounts.
  • Make additional accounts by signing up with different email addresses and payment methods. Just know you’ll be billed for each subscription.
  • Consider adding Netflix to a bundle like Hulu + Live TV or Amazon Prime Video. Some platforms allow you to pair multiple streaming services.

Ultimately, the one account per subscriber rule was implemented to prevent credential sharing between households while providing account holders full access to Netflix shows and movies.

In Conclusion…

It is easy to use your Netflix subscription across household members and devices. Simply be aware of your plan’s limitations.

You can share the wealth of Netflix content with family and friends with a little planning. Have fun streaming!

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